Birth Doula Support

Laura providing counter-pressure massage

Laura providing counter-pressure massage

Assistance regarding coping skills and comfort measures, such as relaxation, movement, breathing, and positioning specific to labor are provided by your doula. Whether you are planning an unmedicated birth, to have an epidural, or electing to have a cesarean birth, your doula will be a constant source of comfort, support, and information.

For the partner(s) and support team, your doula is a trained professional that will guide them in being an active participant or participants during the birth at their comfort level.

Peace, trust, and reassurance are brought to your birth. Your doula will nurture you with kindness, respect, and dignity as you transition into parenthood.

Medical decisions cannot be made by your doula for the birthing individual or support team, nor will the values or goals of your doula be projected onto the laboring individual.

If we hire a birth doula, what should we expect?

Your doula will be available by phone/email/text upon hire.

A minimum of 1 prenatal session is provided to establish an understanding of your needs, assistance in building your birth plan, and to address any questions that you may have.

You will be provided with continuous phone support during early labor until active labor, in which your doula is called to your home or to the place of birth. You do not have to feel alone!

Your doula will stay with you in active labor until up to 2 hours after your birth to assist with tasks such as attempted breastfeeding, postpartum hospital procedures, and offer support to your new family!

1 postpartum visit is included to discuss common postpartum concerns, provide community resources, and debrief your birth experience as desired.

This sounds great, how do I obtain more information?